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Text Book: Empowering Children - Practical ideas to reach children 2nd Edn


A practical, easy to use resource book for counselling and teaching children. It contains object lessons, stories, posters and practical ways to help children open their lives to change.

 The author, David Goodwin, has written this manual from his own counselling and ministry experience. He has taken the many tools that he has developed in helping many children come to a place of healing and change. 

 Chapters include:

  • ADHD,
  • Anger Management,
  • Behavioural change,
  • Stinky Thinking,
  • Feelings
  • Self Esteem

The posters are also on CD (MSWord) so you can use them straight from your computer.

Everything in the manual can be photocopied for the purchasers use in ministry.


Comes in loose leaf folder format and includes an electronic version packed with extrra resources and tools including power points.

For a short time only, we are offering you this resource at no extra charge for shipping - a saving of between $13 and $30.

Please note you can also purchase the complete set of seven text books on one flashbrive for only $130.00.


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