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Text Book: Pastoral Care of Children and Their Families



Designed with kids pastors and leaders in mind, this manual equips children's pastors, and those who aspire to that role.

It covers lots of areas that are not covered in other manuals because it's written especially for kids' pastors. Just a few of the subjects included:

  • Leadership,
  • Team building,
  • Working with volunteers,
  • Code of Ethics for Kids Pastors,
  • Ministry Tips,
  • Performing Baby Dedications,
  • Helping Children Though Grief
  • How to take a funeral

Plus lots more!

Comes in ring-binder format with a CD and includes a free full working demo Children's Ministry database that can be used for up to 30 families. The full model of the database is available from the software designer at a very reasonable price.


Comes in loose leaf folder format and includes an electronic version packed with extrra resources and tools including power points.

For a short time only, we are offering you this resource at no extra charge for shipping - a saving of between $13 and $30.

Please note you can also purchase the complete set of seven text books on one flashbrive for only $130.00.

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