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Text Book: The Theology of Children


 A manual that will change the way you look at your ministry to children - forever!

Just what does God actually think about children and children's ministry? Does the Bible really have a lot to say about kids?

'Theology of Children' is not about techniques to use in ministry, but it will nevertheless have a profound affect on the way you do children's ministry and help you understand why you do it. It is an essential book for all in children's ministry because it lays the right foundations. The book covers an overview of the Bible to see what it says about children and children's ministry and families and touches on most areas of ministry to children, from God's perspective.

Comes in loose leaf folder format and includes an electronic version packed with extrra resources and tools including power points.

For a short time only, we are offering you this resource at no extra charge for shipping - a saving of between $13 and $30.

Please note you can also purchase the complete set of seven text books on one flashbrive for only $130.00.

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