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The World Needs Children's Ministry Leaders


A leadership book written for Children's Ministry Leaders by David Goodwin.

This unique book is a 'must have' for everyone in children's ministry. Drawing upon 40 years of experience, David's written about leadership in the context of children's ministry. It outlines principles and practical applications that children's ministry leaders need to know, through looking at the life of Moses. Moses was a great leader and a great pastor and there is is much we can learn from his experiences and his leadership style.

Chapter titles include

  • Introduction - what it means to minister and the critical roles of children's ministry.
  • Vision to empower - effective leaders have a vision for the people they serve.
  • Relevant and Contemporary - the world is changing. We need to keep up to date to ensure we connect.
  • Calling - we need a strong sense of calling to provide strength when times get difficult.
  • Anointing- training and reading are not enough for leadership.
  • Endurance - being a leader is not for the faint hearted; tools and methods to help you make progress.
  • Integrity - the foundation of leadership is integrity and character. It is about doing the right thing.
  • Celebration - fun, enjoyment. Keeping the team united, creative and vibrant.
  • Compassion - leading with love and compassion; caring, courtesy and consideration.Servanthood - leading out of relationship, with the right boundaries.
  • Administration and Management - nuts and bolts, delegation and processes.
  • Mentoring - leaders need mentors and must mentor those under them.

It is easy to read and each of the 12 chapters are illustrated with real life stories that help bring the principles to life.

Discover how you can develop your leadership skills in simple and easy to follow ways.

This book comes from more than 40 years children’s ministry and leadership experience.

It's a 'how to' of children's ministry leadership at all levels.

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