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Parables for Counselling


 A Contemporary re-writing of the Parables of Jesus for use in behavioural modification

These modern-day adaptions of the parables first spoken by Jesus, can be used by counsellors, pastors, chaplains, youth leaders, and even preachers. They are suitable for use in both a secular and Christian setting.

The Parables of Jesus are very powerful stories or allegories effective in bringing about change of thinking and behaviour. The only problem is we no longer have slaves, servants and most of us don’t know how much a talent would be worth so by and large the meaning is lost on most young people.

 However, kids today do understand what an X-Box game is, have looked at internet-pornography , and have either suffered or inflicted various forms of bullying or abuse.

These are a re-telling of the parables in a modern setting that counsellors in particular will find helpful. Like Nathan’s telling of the story to King David of the rich man and his poor neighbour bought about a complete change of heart on the part of the king. These stories will bring about a change of thinking that will lead to a change of attitude and behaviour.

Like King David, most of our young people today are either visual or practical thinkers and they do not respond to a lecture. However, they do respond to a heart to heart story.



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