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1 Course Summary

Church leaders face multiple challenges to developing and delivering a ministry to children that will produce effective long term results. This course investigates the reason many children and young people leave our churches, and in some cases abandon their faith. As such it explores and challenges the way churches do children's ministry. Based on the latest research it examines what experts are saying, and what answers there are as to how children's ministry can be done better. This is an issue of immense importance to the church at large and is particularly relevant for church leaders, and all who work with children and youth in the church. This course also explores current church practices where this trend (of children leaving the church) has been halted, and children and young people have been nurtured through the years to claim their faith and ministry as adults.

2 Course Content

1 Biblical Perspectives on Children’s Ministry.

What priority should children’s ministry be given in the church and what that means.  What does a

 ‘Practical Theology of Children’ look like?

2 Engagement and Connection

The role children have in the life of the church and why adults need to to engage with them.

3 Connection with the Youth Group

Helping children transition to become part of a viable, effective and safe youth group.

4 Faith Formation

The different ages and stages of faith development and how to assist children to grow in their faith.

5 Preparing for Challenges Ahead

Preparing children for the inevitable challenges and temptations that will face them in High School.

6 Extra Activities Outside Sunday Services

The importance of extra activities and resources outside of church services that help children grow in their faith.

7 Transitioning

Methods and ideas on how to transition children from children's ministry to youth and into the adult church.