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Discovery Club (Kidsreach) Curriculum - Spiral Bound Format


Discovery Club Curriculum  is where the Bible comes alive for your children.#

  • A new topic every four weeks – keeps the kids interest.
  • Full colour graphics on PowerPoint
  • Illustrations for OHP or Digital Projector.
  • Can buy in book format or, for better value, on USB Flashdrive.
  • Complete program in each book, including stories, object lessons, craft ideas, visual aids., etc
  • Strong emphasis on the Bible story, memory verse and a relevant topic/discipleship point.
  • Easy for teachers and workers to use so more time can be spent on important preparation.

 Your children will love it and so will your teachers!

How to purchase

There are three ways you can buy this curriculum

  1.  Option 1. Books – includes a printed copy of all the text and material, plus downloadable power points. You also get a downloadable copy of the text and material so it can be easily shared amongst your team. Cost is $35 per topic (plus postage). Each topic runs for 4 weeks.
  2. Option 2. 10 topics on one USB-Flashdrive – enough to last you a full year of teaching. This is a great option for the budget conscious. The ten topics will cost you $108 including free postage to anywhere. You get to choose which topics you want.
  3. Option 3 - Best Value Option – get all 36 topics on one flashdrive for just $324. All the advantages of the ’10 topics’ but you get an additional 6 topics for free. This will give you 4-5 years of teaching material.

Please note, use this page to order the spiral bound editions.  If you want the USB Flashdrive editions (best options), then go back and click on your choice of either 10 or 36 topics.

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