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Discovery Club (Kidsreach) Curriculum - 10 Subjects on USB Flashdrive - Value Option


Discovery Club Curriculum is where the Bible comes alive for your children.

  • A new topic every four weeks – keeps the kids interest.
  • Full colour graphics on PowerPoint
  • Illustrations for OHP or Digital Projector.
  • Can buy in book format or, for better value, on USB Flashdrive.
  • Complete program in each book, including stories, object lessons, craft ideas, visual aids., etc
  • Strong emphasis on the Bible story, memory verse and a relevant topic/discipleship point.
  • Easy for teachers and workers to use so more time can be spent on important preparation.
  • Your children will love it and so will your teachers!

How to purchase
Buying this option gives you 10 topics on one USB-Flashdrive – enough to last you a full year of teaching. This is a great choice for the budget conscious. The ten topics will cost you $108 including free postage to anywhere. You get to choose which topics you want.

Please note, if you want the 'Best Value Option' where you  get all 36 topics on one flashdrive for just $324, please go back and choose the next page.

Choose your ten topics from the following list: 

  1. Faith
  2. Destiny
  3. Church
  4. Prayer
  5. Called 4A Mission
  6. The Tongue
  7. The ABC Of Witnessing
  8. Being Friendly
  9. The Bible
  10. Giving God's Way
  11. The 4-Rs Of Salvation
  12. Christmas Jesus Is The Reason For The Season
  13. Born to Fly
  14. Easter - The Greatest Gift Of Al
  15. AD33 Being Filled With The Holy Spirit
  16. I Am Somebody Special
  17. No Fear
  18. God Is No.1 The Sovereignty Of God
  19. Super Heroes
  20. God's Rules The Ten Commandments#
  21. The Ultimate Challenge
  22. Esther
  23. The Armour of God
  24. Making Choices
  25. Not Lost
  26. Mission Is Possible
  27. Fruit of the Spirit
  28. Away in a Manger
  29. God is My Helper
  30. Run to Win
  31. Creation
  32. Be a History Maker
  33. Heart of the Father
  34. REACH
  35. Celebrate Children
  36. Tricky Questions 


For this order, you need to choose the ten subjects you would like from the list above. You can simply write below: Nos 1-10 or whatever you want. Or you can write down the random subjects by number or by title from the list above.

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