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Bag Object Lesson: Salvation Bag


This clever  bag opens out into several colours. The fun is, that each time a new colour appears, it takes the audience by surprise.  Like the Salvation beads, or wordless book, it presents the Gospel message in a way the children can easily understand. Suitable for children's outreaches, Sunday services, or leading individual chidlren to the Lord.  

Especially GREAT for missions trips.

  • Grey is the colour of the clouds.  Just like the clouds block out the sun, our wrongdoing comes between us and God.
  • Red represents Jesus dying on the cross
  • White is our receiving him.
  • Gold is for heaven - promised to every believer.

  This bag is one of 4.  We also have the Easter Bag, Creation Bag, and the Lord's Prayer.  You can buy them in a set at a cheaper price.

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