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At the Foot of the Cross A journey from shame to honour.


The message in this book has helped thousands of people, who have been subjected to abuse, bullying, neglect or domestic violence as a child.. It offers a very direct, ‘hit the nail on the head', and thought provoking, journey that will cause the reader to examine their emotions, attitudes, relationships and behaviour that may have been influenced by childhood experiences such as abuse or trauma.

Many people who have been subjected to this evil have resigned themselves to the idea that they need to live with shame for the rest of their lives. But this is not so. There is an answer.

The message in this book takes the readers to the Cross, which is not only the place where Jesus offers us forgiveness of sin but also healing from the effects of sin done to us by others.

Written by David Goodwin who is a counsellor, author and pastor with many years’ experience in helping trauma and abuse victims.


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