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Strategies to Deal with Bullying: Book


'Strategies to Deal with Bullying' clearly defines types of bullying, the situations in which bullying occurs and gives strategies to teachers, counsellors, chaplains and parents.

The book is clear, easy to follow and logical. Throughout there are many case studies to illustrate the points raised.

It looks at

  • What is bullying
  • Why bullies bully
  • Likely targets of bullying
  • How to help bullies
  • What to do if your child is a bully
  • When someone may need to seek professional help
  • Advice for teachers
  • Cyber-bullying

The book has optional worksheets.

We only get one chance at life. Kids only get one chance at school and one chance to do all the things they should be able to enjoy and be good at as children. They should be able to do all the things that kids can do without fear. Bullies not only ruin their childhood, many of the problems kids suffer at the hand of bullies have such a devastating effect on them that the effects carry into adulthood.

Bullies themselves do not get off scot-free. Many of them also suffer from emotional effects of their behaviour. Often they are bullying in one situation while they are victims in another, or their behaviour may be an improper attempt to gain acceptance and popularity. Bullies also lose their sense of right and wrong and their behaviour carries into relationships later in life.

This price is for the book only.  You can also buy the worksheets and the anti-bullying cards.  Or you can buy the whole kit.  

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