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Strategies to Deal with Bullying Worksheets


Worksheets for Counsellors, Teachers, Parents  and Helpers.


In this pack you will find a combination of:


  • Worksheets
  • Object Lessons
  • Analogies



They are designed for use by teachers, counsellors, school chaplains and parents as a tool for helping children deal with bullying.


They are can help children who are either victims of bullying, or bullies. They will:


  • Empower them to stand against bullying.
  • Develop critical decision-making skills.
  • They can be used in groups, classes, families or in one on one counselling situations.
  • They can be used by teachers, parents, carers, grandparents, chaplains, and counsellors.




Underlying these worksheets is a belief that bullying is a learned behaviour and as such, can be unlearned.They are useful for:


  1. Using as, and when, issues arise. They can be used in any order or at any time, or they can be used in sequence.
  2. For groupwork
  3. As a counselling tool for individual sessions.
  4. Parents or teachers might do each of them as a short exercise each day until they are finished.



With the pack comes access to a download so they can be conveniently put on your computer for easy printing.


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