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Anti-Bullying Cards


These cards are great teaching and counselling tools. Each set has 12 different cards, each with a strong anti-bullying message on the front. On the back of each card is more teaching and information about the same message.

Use these cards in different ways:

• To give out to the children (they are cheap enough to do this)

• To use as ideas to make anti-bullying posters

• To use as a counselling tool


They are great for parents, teachers, chaplains, counsellors, etc.


Card 1

You never gain, by giving pain.

Real friends don’t bully.

  Card 2

It’s never BIG to make others feel SMALL.

Bullies show everyone what real cowards they really are.

  Card 3

Keep in mind,

To be kind.

The way to be,

is bully-free.

End bullying now!

  Card 4

Meanness is a sign of weakness.

It’s easy to bully, but the really strong help others.

No one has the right to make someone else feel miserable.

  Card 5

Don’t be a fool!

Bullying isn’t cool!

It takes a stronger person to do what is right.

  Card 6

Bullying is bad.

It makes people sad.

Stop the bullying!

Bullies lose in the end.

  Card 7

We like our school.

Bullying isn’t cool!

Stop the cycle of bullying.

  Card 8

Let’s get along.

Bullying is wrong!

Bullies tear down, friends build up.

  Card 9

Take a stand.

Lend a hand.

Niceness is priceless

Help, don’t hurt.

  Card 10

Don’t write it.

Don’t forward it.

Delete cyber bullying.

Don’t be mean behind the screen!

  Card 11

Bullies are not cool,

they are just cruel.

Stop bullying,

speak up

Make the grade, join the anti-bully crusade.

  Card 12

Help, don’t hurt!

Be a buddy,

not a bully.

Never hesitate to stand up for your mate.

Plese note, you can purchase these cheper in packets of ten sets.  You can also buy them as part of the full Strategies to Deal with Bullying kit.  See elsewhere on this page.


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