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POOCH - Problem-Solving/ Counselling Kit


We are absolutely delighted to be able to offer you a new resource that you are going to find amazing. It is great for chaplains, parents, children’s ministry leaders, pastors, and anyone else that works with children or teens. Those of you who have attended our counselling seminars in recent years will know all about how this model of problem solving works. It is designed to help you help:


  • Children and teens who find difficulty making choices and solving problems and/or making good decisions.
  • Children who live in difficult situations who need to learn how to cope.
  • Adults – it can be adapted for adults (the process is the same).


One of the most important skills that children need is the ability to solve problems and make good choices. This is particularly true when children are faced with challenges that seem insurmountable. Children in this situation often look to others to make their decisions for them.

A big part of helping children is to help them gain skills so they no longer need to have adults, or older people, or people with more power than they have, making decisions for them that they should be able to make for themselves.

The ‘POOCH’ method is a 5-step process to problem solving. It will assist in solving simple problems and offer an effective method to work through more complex decisions.

Children will quickly learn the ‘POOCH’ process so they can make good choices and solve their own problems - themselves!

What you get when you purchase this resource:


  • Master copy of the interactive process - ready for photocopying - that you will use with children.
  • Ten copies of the pre-printed colour cover.
  • One copy of the teachers instructions on how to use.


Additional copies of the pre-printed cover can be purchased.

Cost is just $12.00 plus postage. Plus you can buy an additional 10 covers for $5.00. This is good if you anticipate using the program for more than ten children.


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