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Kids Keep Safe Colour In Sheets - Photocopy-able Pictures


These sheets are notmeant to be just for fun. They are a serious tool for parents, teachers andcounsellors bring to children’s awareness of how they can and must keepthemselves safe from all types of abuse, but particularly from sexual abuse.  This is something our children need constantreminding of.

Use these sheets for

  • Classwork
  • Individual counselling or group work
  • Family nights or family discussions
  • Reinforcement.
  • To create a display.

These pictures can beused individually when dealing with particular topics, or as a whole pack such as you might use to create a classroom display. Parents might pick out just two or three at a time to use to enhance family discussions.  They could also be used in the form of a ‘keeping yourself safe’ competition.

How you will use them is up to you.  You can photocopy them and use them time and time again.

They are available in several languages.  Please email [email protected] for details.

There are also a set of cards that can be used with the colour in sheets and can be purchased separately.


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