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Text Book: Children's Ministry Skills & Dynamics - Part 1


A comprehensive manual on Children's Ministry, written to help you learn as well as train others. It is written to be used as a Bible College textbook and a leaders training manual.

We believe strongly that every church and leader need a copy - look at the topics covered and you’ll see why:

  • The Biblical Basis for Ministry to Children,
  • Child Development with Age and Stage Appropriate Teaching,
  • Leading Children to Worship and Prayer,
  • Motivating Children and Helping Children Develop their Gifts and Potentials,
  • Leading Children to God and Follow Up,
  • Duty of Care,
  • Methods in Children's Ministry,
  • Connecting With Children,
  • Children with Special Needs,
  • Designing and Managing Children's Ministry Programs,
  • Classroom Control and Discipline.

Comes in loose leaf folder format and includes an electronic version packed with extrra resources and tools including power points.

For a short time only, we are offering you this resource at no extra charge for shipping - a saving of between $13 and $30.

Please note you can also purchase the complete set of seven text books on one flashbrive for only $130.00.

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