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Text Book: Developing Faith in Children


The majority of those who are in children's ministry have not been trained in child development. Even fewer have been trained in faith development ages and stages.

The effectiveness of our ministry to children will ultimately be measured by how much we have we assisted children to grow in their understanding of and relationship with Jesus Christ, and through this to grow to their full potential as a person and as a Christian.

This manual will help provide you with a strategy to enable you help children to pray, develop their gifts, grow in understanding of the word of God and witness in each age and stage of their life. This applies if they are five years old, seven years old, or ten years old.

This happens through systematic teaching, encouraging, and cultivating faith appropriate to their child developmental stages.

The manual also talks about:

  • What faith is and the progression of faith and spiritual understanding through childhood years.
  • How faith is initiated.
  • How faith can grow through each age and stage of a child's life.

Comes in loose leaf folder format and includes an electronic version packed with extrra resources and tools including power points.

For a short time only, we are offering you this resource at no extra charge for shipping - a saving of between $13 and $30.

Please note you can also purchase the complete set of seven text books on one flashbrive for only $130.00.

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