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Feelings Are Okay: Crisis and Trauma Intervention


As a professional counsellor and trainer, David Goodwin has developed this trauma counselling/helpingapproach for children in crisis.  This has been used in several countries to train chaplains, teachers,counsellors and other professionals and lay people in crisis intervention and trauma counselling for children,particularly in times of major disaster.


The program was first developed as an intervention program to alleviate the emotional pain and suffering of children traumatized by the 2004 tsunami in Sri Lanka.


This program is designed to help those who want to help children affected by major disasters such as earthquakes, forest fires, floods and tsunamis but will also be helpful to those who help children affected by any emotional trauma that may be caused by family break-up, abuse or accidents.  


The program can be used with individual children or groups, or whole classes.

The CD Rom also contains three cirsis intervention manuals, a complete manual on how to use the 'Feelings Are Okay' program and power points with notes for training workers.

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