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Would you like a Children's Ministry Training Event in your Church?

It is easy for you to set up a children's ministry  training seminar.  You provide the venue, some refreshments and get your team together on the day.  You might choose to advertise the seminar amongst other churches to get a bigger crowd.  David will come and provide the training which can be done on Saturday, or Sunday (after church), or mid week.


Most groups choose between 3 and 5 of a list of subjects we provide,  to make up either a full day or half day seminar.  Evening sessions are just two subjects.  Notes are provided and we can an email flyer to help you promote the seminar.

Usually we charge per delegate to cover our costs but we are also happy to come on a ministry gift basis.  We will do anything to make this work for you.

Here are just some of the subjects you can choose from:


  1. Pastoral Care of Children
  2. Active Listening
  3. Child Development:  Faith Development
  4. Child Development   Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.
  5. Counselling:  Helping children in grief
  6. Counselling:  Introduction to counselling children
  7. Counselling:  Working with children who have ADD or ADHD
  8. Counselling:  Strategies to Help Children Deal With Anger
  9. Counselling: Helping children and young people (or any age) make good choices using the POOCH method.
  10. Working with special needs children
  11. Leading children to salvation.
  12. Follow up:  Leading children from Salvation to Discipleship.
  13. Praying for Children to be Filled with the Holy Spirit
  14. Self Esteem – Building children’s sense of self worth
  15. Theology of Children
  16. Transitioning Children from Children’s Ministry to Adult Church
  17. Bullying
  18. Connecting with Boys



  1. Safety and Protection Protocol - Duty of Care in Children’s Ministry



  1. Teaching With Object Lessons
  2. Teaching With Stories Part 1:  Story Telling
  3. Teaching With Stories Part 2:  Re-Writing AWESOME Bible Stories
  4. Class-room control
  5. How to get the best out of your curriculum
  6. Discovery Teaching
  7. Running a Children’s Camp
  8. Holiday and After School Outreaches.
  9. How to be an AWESOME teacher


d.  Special Four Hour Seminars

  1. Kids Keep Safe presentation of the Kids Keep Safe program to be taken into primary schools.
  2. From Shame to Honour:  A life changing ministry seminar to assist adults who suffer from childhood trauma and abuse.  This consists of teaching and ministry time.

Would you like David to preach?

David Goodwin speaks at conferences, seminars and churches all over the world.  No matter how large or small your congregation is, he would be very happy to come to your church to speak.  

Some of his specialties are:

  • Inspiring your church to think more about your kids ministry.
  • Family services
  • Healing from emotional hurts.

Would you like to host a 'Lost in Transition Seminar'?

This seminar is based on research completed by David in 2012  that investigated why as many as 50% of children, who have been raised in churches, stop attending during the transition from primary school to high school. This is something every church leader and member should be concerned about.

To host the seminar, you provide the venue, some refreshments and get your team together on the day.  You also need to be willing to  advertise the seminar amongst other churches in your town.  It can be done midweek or on the weekend.  Get in touch with us so we can talk.