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Help for Children Affected by the 2021 NSW and QLD Floods

Feelings are Okay (FRO) is a 10-step (16-page) debriefing exercise for children affected by the recent floods in New South Wales and Queensland.

The author, Dr David Goodwin is a counsellor who specialises in 'trauma prevention'. He has produced tools such as this one for use in many countries and disaster situations. He believes that by offering structured debriefing, such as what is set out in this book, children are more likely to process what has happened to them—or what they have been witness to—in a healthy way. This can help prevent the long term adverse effects of trauma and help build resilience in their lives.

This is a resource that parents, teachers, school chaplains, and kids workers can use. Although not designed as a counselling tool, it can also be used by counsellors. Copies can be downloaded from this site or you can order printed copies at no charge.

How to Get Your Copies

Kidsreach has made this resource available for free - although recipients will be asked to pay for the postage if printed copies are requested - only available while stocks last.

This resource can be used one-on-one or in a group (such as a whole class).

A generic version is also available on request to use to help children debrief after any disaster or traumatic event.

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