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About David and Therese

David and Therese Goodwin have been married since 1976. They have six adult children and two grandchildren. They were both born in NZ and moved to Australia in 1999 to expand the work of Kidsreach into Asia and PNG. They work extensively in Australia, NZ, Asia and Papua New Guinea.

Dr Pastor David Goodwin

D.Min M.Min. Dip.Couns., Cert IV in AWT

David has a passion for children’s, youth and family ministry. He has been working as a pastor, trainer and counsellor for more than 50 years.

David was the founding Principal of the Layman’s Bible Institute in Hawkes Bay, NZ. He was 12 years employed (part-time) by the Department of Social Welfare in Napier, working with troubled youth and with his wife Therese, has been a foster parent for 40 years.

David has written more than 70 books and manuals, including Kids in Crisis, Child Abuse in the Church, Empowering Children, Strategies to Deal with Bullying, At the Foot of the Cross and Seed of Blood. His latest book, Creative Techniques for Counselling, was published in 2018.

David has a Doctorate in Ministry, Diploma of Counselling, and Certificate 4 in Adult Workplace Training.

David is an ordained pastor with the CRC Churches International and with his wife are members of the Wesley International Congregation in Sydney.

David is an ordained pastor with the CRC Int. church

David serves as the International Director of Kidsreach.

David speaks at several major conferences to children’s workers and does seminars on Counselling Children and Ministry to Children. In addition, he travels to many countries every year to work with youth and children’s workers, mainly through seminars and the Kidsreach School of Children’s Counselling.

Therese Goodwin

Therese Goodwin is an accomplished musician and singer who has written and recorded many songs—particularly for children and those who work with children.

Therese teaches Scripture in School, serves as an elder in her church and is a director of Kidsreach.

David and Therese Goodwin

Kidsreach Directors

Welcome to this page where we will try and tell you a little bit about what Kidsreach is, and what we try to do. Kidsreach could be described as a small organisation with a big vision. We believe we can make a difference by standing alongside the precious people who work hard to make a difference in the lives of children.

Kidsreach was started in NZ in 1994 from a vision to assist those who work with children. Since that time, centres have been set up in three countries (NZ, Australia and Sri Lanka) and partnerships with missions and indigenous outreaches to children in 7 other countries.

Kidsreach has a vision to fulfil the mandate God has given us through providing resources, training and encouragement.

We particularly aim to assist those who work with children who have been subject to abuse, poverty, warm, crisis and who are dealing with the effects of trauma. We offer a range of resources in these areas and travel to countries where this is a particular problem.

We aim to lift up those who work with children through inspiring conferences, one on one mentoring, encouragement and resources. We also desire to promote not only our own Kidsreach material but to be a vehicle to promote other ministries who share a similar vision.

Training Programs that are done in various countries include:

  • The Kidsreach School of Children’s Counselling.
  • The Kidsreach School of Children’s Ministry.
  • Trauma and Abuse Seminars
  • Bullying seminars
  • A range of children’s ministry seminars.
  • Kids Keep Safe awareness program for children in schools.

Kidsreach is incorporated in NSW, Australia. We are a non-denominational Christian Trust. The directors of Kidsreach are David and Therese Goodwin. They are available for training and ministry and can be contacted at

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