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In the last few years, children and their families have experienced a major war, floods, fires, a massive drought, and a worldwide pandemic. There have also been earthquakes, landslides, and volcanoes.

Even before these events, about 1 in 7 children aged 4-17 had recently experienced a mental disorder (Australia). The most common condition was ADHD, followed by anxiety, depression and conduct disorder.

Of great concern is that fifty per cent of lifetime cases of mental health disorders begin before the age of 14. There are, therefore, concerns that the pandemic will lead to a surge of mental health difficulties for young people that will continue throughout their lifetime.

Research shows the association between healthy engagement in church and school and children’s mental wellbeing. It is imperative, therefore that the church find ways of overcoming problems encountered during these stressful times to prevent our precious kids and young people from requiring mental health support and intervention, which would likely be for many years.

To help these children, we have felt God call us to write a brand new curriculum/program to be offered totally free to anyone who would want to use it. It is now available for you to download.

It is FREE to anyone but is recommended for Churches, Christian Schools and families.

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