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Kidsreach Training Days 2017

David Goodwin will be joining with Rob Adams, Neil Clark, Dan Warlow and others, to present a day of workshops and inspiration that your teachers, leaders and volunteers will enjoy and gain what they need to help kick-start your ministry to children in 2017.

Presently there are 6 locations in both Australia and NZ

Have a look at our EVENTS page to get all the details you need.

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What has Oreo Biscuits, Cup Cakes, and Hot Chocolate have to do with discipleship and helping children to follow Christ?

The answer is ‘everything’, if you are using the new ‘Hot Chocolate Club’ mentoring and discipleship program from Kidsreach.

'The Hot Chocolate Club' is a creative six part discipleship program for children, young people and all ages, based on the Biblical analogy that we are vessels (cups) of honour.

This program can be used in small group mentoring and discipleship situations, or in larger groups such as camps, children's conferences or Sunday programs.. 

It is good for children, youth and inter-generational situations.  It can also be used in individual counseling of children.