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COVID-19 Worksheets and Discussion Starters. 
Free for schools, families, churches, anyone to download and use.

Many children and young people do not understand what is happening with COVID-19. Nor do they know the gravity of the situation facing the world and the need to act now. Hopefully, these worksheets will help.

The worksheets can be used in different ways.
1. As posters to put around the class, home, etc. Some will be particularly helpful if
they are displayed in bathrooms and where food is prepared.
2. Classroom and family discussion starters.
3. Teaching

There is both a coloured version and a black and white ‘colouring-in’ version of these worksheets.

This resource is made available free to use thanks to Kidsreach and its supporters. 
Written by David Goodwin  MMin. DipCouns
Illustrations Brett Cardwell - www.cardytoons.com.au